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Falling For A Dark Lord | Princess X Listener ASMR Roleplay F4M (Princess)(Magic)(Kidnapped)(Cat)

Benevolent Voice

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What's the best way of ruling a kingdom? Well, A Dark Lord needs to have one first! Being that war is easily avoided if the royal family abdicates, you have kidnapped the Crown Princess as leverage. You are learning quickly that she not your normal Princess in more ways than one. Complete Title - Falling For A Dark Lord | Princess X Dark Lord Listener ASMR Roleplay F4M (Princess)(Magic)(Kidnapped)(Cat)(Captive)(Castle)(Dark Lord)(Evil)(Locked-up)(Rulership) Don't forget, I have a Discord! So If you want to come in and say hello, please do! -- I also have Patreon with extra free content of a poetic nature if interested as well as all the videos found here on Youtube. -- If you like what you are hearing and want more, please drop a comment in a video or even subscribe. New videos every Thursday! Sound Producers ( - See Credits Image Producers (Pinterest) - See Credits Script Producer - See Credits