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Pole Dance Routine to Hallelujah Kate Voegele Intermediate Advanced Level

Online Pole Dancing Lessons

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Get Pole Dancing Lessons here: Dance Pole For Home Use: Pole Dancing Routines in the Intermediate and Advanced levels are truly a treasure to perform. I herniated two discs in my back and was told I wouldn't dance again. I have since recovered, I still dance (although not as contorted as I used to), and I hope to inspire other to keep going after injuries as well. It is critical to get good pole dancing lessons where the teacher shows you good posture and form, especially ballet technique. This is what helped me recover and saved me. In all my lessons I emphasize ballet and proper dance technique and give my heart out to the everyday women who just wants to dance and enjoy her workout! Pole dance is a great workout, the best workout for women in my opinion. Here is another great video of my first pole dance routine after my back injury: Here are some great beginner pole moves: Dancer in Video: Danna Rossi Facebook: