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Lenny Bruce - Carnegie Hall

Stevie Baby

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The complete unabridged concert, February 4, 1961 A1 Introduction / Don Friedman A2 Miracle On 57th St. A3 The Airlines A4 Sound A5 The Kidnap A6 Point Of View A7 Ku Klux Klan C1 Homosexuality C2 Girl Singing C3 The Flag And Communism C4 Dear Abby E1 Equality E2 Internal Revenue E3 Pills E4 Burlesque House E5 Judge Saperstein Decision B1 A What's It Mean B2 Kennedy Acceptance Speech B3 On Humor B4 Nightclubs B5 Dykes And Faggots D1 Las Vegas Tits And Ass D2 The Clap D3 Christ And Moses F1 On Contemporaries F2 Shelley Berman F3 The Operation F4 The Joke F5 The End From the 1972 Triple LP release United Artists Records UAS-9800