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WTF? Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012 NHS

Paul Swanson

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Mirrored/Abridged from spacecowboy channel "Deadly viruses" don't exist and no model of "contagion" has ever been proven. If you believe different, that's religion, not science! Experiments like the one linked below prove the exact opposite of what we've been conned into believing: " We used some billions of these organisms, according to our estimated counts, on each one of the volunteers, but none of them took sick" - Milton J. Roseneau MD. (1919) When you dig to the bottom of the lies we've been fed all our lives you find the unknown hero, virologist Stefan Lanka PhD. and you'll find that despite 100+ years of brainwashing it remains a fact that no "virus" harmful to humans has *ever* been proven to exist. Boris coughing his guts out in a hospital bed, dancing nurses, "Greta" pigtails, timing of 5G, "viruses" everywhere, uncapped pyramids. All just coincidences or has what we're seeing now been planned for a very long time? I edited the original video down to this version in order to make it more shareable among those who might not be receptive to the strong religious message of the original although I myself would be inclined to agree with it.