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Papoose Competition: Savage Model 64 Takedown


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Nutnfancy review on a great competitive option to the much beloved, at least here, Marlin Papoose takedown .22 rifle! TNPrs who donate to me in Patreon make the continuation of TNP possible! You can now donate to TNP via PayPal if you'd prefer that method, humble gratitude from us for that support: Subscribe to TNP on UGETube because Im going to ditch YouTube if you give me 400K+ subs over there, if not Ill have to stay here: UGETube Nutnfancy: Register: UGETube Nutnfancy: Register: GAB Nutnfancy, lets get real! Gunnies Store in Orem is their new webstore! Please buy from them for their support of TNP. Gunnies Sporting Goods Store, Address: 396 State St, Orem, UT 84058 Hours: 10AM8PM, Ph 801-226-7080 TNP Branded Adventure, specialty knives items at: Backups: Rumble Nutnfancy: Odysee Nutnfancy: Bitchute Nutnfancy: