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Complete Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Bootloader Unlock Tutorial

Explaining Android

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Warning: Unlocking the bootloader will wipe all the data you have on the tablet. Join the Daily Android News Discussions 1. Intro [00:00] 2. Enable Developer Mode [00:35] 3. Enable the "OEM Unlocking" toggle [01:06] 4. Confirm you want to enable this [01:31] 5. Boot the Galaxy Tab S5e into Download Mode [01:42] 6. Hold the Volume Up button to enter the Bootloader Unlock screen [02:35] 7. Confirm you want to unlock the bootloader of the Galaxy Tab S5e tablet [03:24] 8. Wait for the device to reset and boot back into Android [04:14] 9. Then activate the Android OS and use like normal [06:09] 10. This would also be where you restore any backups you created ahead of time [07:11]