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F4M | My Special Teddy Bear | Confessing, Weight Acceptance, Kissing | NSFW 18+ ASMR


18279 Views - 20211204

Bad weather conditions and a planned movie night make for some great cuddling conditions. For my plus sized guys out there. Your bodies rock and I want you to know that. :D Want access to audio days before they get uploaded to YouTube? Want to hear some lewd stuff that probably won't make it to YouTube? Want your own personalized audio where I say your name? If you said yes to any of these things, then take a visit to my Patreon. I recommend checking out the tiers and seeing if you're interested in anything being offered. Twitter: @MethodASMR Cash App: $MethodASMR Patreon: Methodasmr Kofi: #methodasmr #confessions #bodyacceptance #f4m #nsfw