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Join the TSSSR now! Gamers of the Galaxy, Unite! (Thoughtful Stellar Socialist Soviet Re20200706lics)

Immanuel Can - Thoughtful Gaming

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Story Teaser for the Upcoming Stellaris Federations Narrative Roleplay Humans Origin: On the Shoulders of Giants Grand Admiral, Crisis x 25 - Humans: Intelligent, Traditional, Communal, Unruly Democracy: Shared Burden, Agrarian Idyll Fanatic Egalitarian, Pacifist. Expand Your Mind and join the TSSSR. Workers of the Galaxy, Unite! Thanks a lot to Paradox for the free code! Backstory: In this alternate history of Earth, the unruly rebels of the TSSSR have overthrown both the inhumane communist dictatorships and the overly corrupt capitalist oligarchies. The power belongs to the people and all shall be equal! United under a world government, the socialist spirit shall keep the dreams of our citizens alive, help free slaves anywhere in the galaxy to become free and make the new men, the new humans, the force to count on for freedom and equality for all! Workers of the Galaxy, Unite! Feel free to suggest a character you want to be in the empire, we'll try to get him / her in asap. We are trying out a new, narrative, style this time with fewer episodes and more cutting and direct narration, the other, older Let's Roleplays have a different style that is mostly authentic and does nearly never rely on cuts. Episodes will come when they are ready :) If you're interested: Some of our deep to extremely hardcore difficulty (the newer ones) Stellaris Let's Roleplays 1. Stellaris Ancient Relics DLC Roleplay, Hardest Difficulty, Max Crisis (x5) SNAIL WARS - Search for the Holy Snail - Playlist: 2. Stellaris * The Cthulhu Myth * in a galaxy ruled by terrors of space, will we survive together? 3. Stellaris Utopia * The Culture * A civilization promoting science, freedom and equality for all tries to make the galaxy a better place! 4. Stellaris Apocalypse * The Children of Atlantis * Highest Difficulty, Max. Crisis Slider Let's Roleplay we bring free thoughts and equality to an oh so dangerous space of the Cthulhu Mythos 5. Stellaris Federations * New Eden Corporation * Techno-Corporation - Highest Difficulty, Max. Crisis Slider Let's Roleplay #ImmanuelCan #ImmanuelCanStellaris #ImmanuelCanStrategy Copyright Stellaris 2016 Paradox Interactive AB. Community Links: Schedule & Blog Discord Twitter Facebook