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The Ezekiel Tablets

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

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Today, Gloria Copeland and her special guest, Billye Brim, continue their study on the plight of the Jews in ancient Babylon. Join in as Billye Brim reveals the original writings of the book of Ezekiel. Next, on Believers Voice of Victory.Want to watch previous broadcasts about the Blood Moons? Click on the titles below.The Book of Daniel Part 3Gods Calendar and the Signs of the TimesTime on God's CalendarCrowned With His GloryWatching in the End of DaysWatching the Heavens and IsraelJerusalem, the TouchstoneJerusalem Above and BelowGod Needs Our United PrayersEnergize the Prayers Get more out of this broadcast! Download the notes @ Livestream more episodes for FREE @ Subscribe to get a daily faith boost from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland delivered to your inbox @ ABOUT THE BELIEVERS VOICE OF VICTORY TV BROADCAST: Believers Voice of Victory (BVOV) is a daily Christian TV broadcast produced by Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) that teaches Christians how to live a life of faith and victory using principles from the Bible. Learn more about KCM and how we can help you live an overcoming, victorious and successful life @