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Anime Girl Transformation Hypnosis


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MP3 Link: Support the Channel: Website: This recording is designed to give the listener a hypnotic trigger that will make them believe they have mentally transformed into an anime girl of their choice until they choose to wake up and transform back. The effects of this recording will only work if they can be enjoyed safely and do not interfere with your day to day life. At the end of this recording you will wake up as the anime girl of your choice after practicing using the hypnotic trigger to transform into her and return to normal a few times while in trance. This recording mentions heights and the sensation of falling in it. If you are under 18 you should never video yourself watching a hypnosis video or respond to people requesting that you do so. I made a PSA addressing this topic which you can watch here: This recording has been made possible by the follow Patrons: Will D Heffboom K rhinosaurus J Malcolm Magira P Jon G cc RedEyed313 Jesus D Alizon Steve JohnO Itsfine miharu Doctor Bombay Yunifish OryidaeDoll just kool Gerald Rachel L Albert90 Casey S Jgray Daniel W Thomas A Durin Mxge Tatyana C-G Jane S Tulkas Jay D xxxfay Cody W Kafa Lelly Ujaku Cortland R Spirit Yoshino Sonk rizzla m Eveline C Sydney A Chaggy Blue Toy ProFromDover Loveless85 Keith Q Brydon John Doe Zina M Bob R Ted Koryn K Bloodyback Jerry H mark w Brandon d l C jstsb Georgina G kos Vyous Crowman tranced_mind Sam S steveh Gareth O Morgan T Website: The UltraHypnosis channel is all about Hypnosis. Between myself, Carl Nickleson (Aka UltraHypnosis), and the hypnotist Fiona Clearwater, we have produced hundreds of videos and recordings that cover topics from hypnotherapy to recreational hypnosis.