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If You Need The Most Awesome Violin Music, Hear This "FORGOTTEN ODES" by@Eternal Eclipse

Epic Music World

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Artist Websites: Music by Eternal Eclipse Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon: Follow Eternal Eclipse: Youtube: Facebook: Hear This Upload & More On Spotify To Go: New Music Epic: Epic World: Emotional World: LEARN TO COMPOSE EPIC MUSIC & MORE STEP BY STEP: Learn From Evenant Courses (Learn To Make: Trailer Music, Cinematic Music, Cinematic Design, Sound Design & More): Learn How To Master Orchestral Post Production: Trailer Music Mastery - Your Way Into The Music Business: Epic Music World Websites: Spotify: Keep Me Alive (Donation): Merchandise EU: Epic Music World II: Facebook (Submit Your Work): Join Discord: Patreon: Soundcloud: Instagram: Video Details: Company: Eternal Eclipse Album: Forgotten Odes Tracklist (Composer): 01. 00:00 Shape of Lies (Thomas-Adam Habuda) 02. 02:47 Revolution (Piotr Musial) 03. 05:11 Reach (Axl Rosenberg feat. Merethe Soltvedt) 04. 07:38 Redemption (Axl Rosenberg) 05. 10:07 The Last Funeral (Nitish Raina) 06. 12:44 Born from Ashes (Axl Rosenberg) 07. 15:46 Afterlight (Piotr Musial) 08. 18:01 Dawn of Faith (Thomas-Adam Habuda) 09. 21:08 Theory of Light (Thomas-Adam Habuda) 10. 22:55 Hidden Machinations (Cyrus Reynolds) 11. 25:50 Dirt and Fire (Piotr Musial) 12. 27:57 Forgotten Odes (Bianca Ban) 13. 30:11 Cloak and Dagger (Bianca Ban) 14. 32:45 Autumn Moon (Neal Acree) 15. 35:34 True Love's Last Kiss (Thomas-Adam Habuda) 16. 38:44 Yearning Hearts (Bianca Ban) 17. 41:17 Providence (Bianca Ban) 18. 43:34 Fate of the Clockmaker (Flynn Hase Spence) 19. 46:05 The Ritual (Cyrus Reynolds) 20. 48:51 The Game is Afoot (Neal Acree) Animation by Realtime Motion Studios: Buy Your Animation: Image Artist: WLOP Image: Image Artist: Artstation: Facebook: Patreon: Tumblr: Twitter: Copyright Info Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists. This video was given a special license directly from the artists. I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this . Please ask the artists and NOT me for permission !!! Relevant hashtags: #IfYouNeedMusic #EpicViolinMusic #EmotionalViolinMusic