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Learn How to Spell in Spanish | The Language Tutor *Lesson 3*

The Language Tutor

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Dr. Danny Evans shows how to practically spell a word in Spanish by following the sounds of the words and syllables in the word. Episode 3 Podcast Here: Donate to the Channel: Subscribe for More Videos Here: Facebook Group: Instagram: @TheRealLanguageTutor --------More Lessons---------- 1.The Alphabet in Spanish : 2.The Spanish Pronoun Chart! : 3.How to Spell in Spanish: 4.Days of the Week & Months: 4.5. The History Behind the Names of the Days of the Week: 5. How to Count to Any Number in Spanish: 5.5 Counting by the Thousands in Spanish: 6. How to Write Dates in Spanish: 7. Greetings and Introductions in Spanish: 8. Understanding the Verb "SER": 9.Description Words (Adjectives) used with "SER" in Spanish: 10. Understanding the Word "Like" in Spanish: 11.Indefinite & Definite Articles (a,an,the,some) : 12.Understanding the Verb "ESTAR": 13. Understanding "AR Verbs": Music:Jazzy Frenchy from