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The Ambience of War | Distant Gunfire Flames and Artillery | War ASMR | Imagination & Sleep Aid

Project Ambience

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The sounds of Distant Artillery, Gun fire and the gentle crackle of nearby flames, intended to soothe the listener and invoke their imagination and lull them into a dreamworld of their own making. This is the perfect Ambience for Gaming. Also great for sleeping, relaxing or just chilling. Enjoy. If you like this content please leave a Like, Comment or Subscription to help this Channel find its feet! My videos help people with the Following: - Insomnia - Studying - Anxiety - Stress - Meditation - Soothing a Baby Tags war video games, war videos for kids, war video songs, war video background, war video game trailers, war video music, war video movie, war video loop, war video vietnam, war videos us army, war video in hindi, war video archive, war pigs video aula, war sounds, war soundtrack, war sound effect, war sounds ww2, war songs vietnam, war sounds ambience, war sound fx, war soundtrack china, war sounds asmr, war sounds screaming, war sound background, war sound effects bombs, war sound music, war sound effects medieval, war sound effects ww2, war sound audio, a war soundtrack, ww1, ww2, ww3, ww4