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GTA RP | Car Meet Vs The Police (Redline #12)


97048 Views - 20200723

Cheapest games on the market here: Intro music by MattyMoonshine Matts Twitter: Matts Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: Discord: Snapchat: iChadoy Twitch: Outro: Today on GTA 5 Roleplay, I hop back into Redline. I can't promise weekly episodes, but I will hop on here and there. As soon as I got on, I got word of a JDM car meet taking place at the observatory. As soon as I got there, it was already packed full of other JDMs. We realized that we were a pretty big group and decided to have some fun with the police. The multiplayer mod, GTA 5 Roleplay, which is different from the normal GTA Online mode, allows players to act out their own story in whatever fashion they want, affecting how the fictional state of San Andreas and its inhabitants, both actual players and NPCs, operate.