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[ASMR Roleplay] Trapped in a Room with Your Classmate[SHY GIRL X LISTENER] NSFW


3774 Views - 20220101

Remember that quiet girl who approached you in the garden? Well we carry on from that encounter to find yourself in the library studying before the next class. Of course discussion leads to distraction and next thing you know, your cheeky self decides to rush off, having her follow behind you. Both of you end up in a private room and well, lets just say you decide to have your fun. --- Happy New Years everyone! This one is more on the submissive side. Also forgive me for some of the audio, it was during the same time I recorded Ingrid and I wasn't my best since I was recovering from the illness. I'm much better now thankfully so I hope my audios are more clear here on out. See you soon~ ============