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Ghosts of Kadena Airbase

Bedtime Stories

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It is common for locations that have played host to major military conflict to feature persistent manifestations of ghosts or other such paranormal entities. But the Japanese island of Okinawa is the site of a somewhat disproportionate number of supernatural sightings. Join us this week, as we walk amongst the Ghosts of Kadena Air Base. ABOUT THE CHANNEL Turn off the lights, get into bed and plug in your earphones. It's time for a creepy bedtime story. For the discerning horror fan, we cover the most chilling cases throughout history. From the paranormal to the supernatural, unsolved mysteries and strange deaths to cryptids, conspiracy theories and the most disturbing of true crimes, all told in a unique and creepy way. Join us every week for a new scary story. BECOME A MEMBER FOR EXTRA REWARDS! EMAIL MUSIC "Ice Demon", "Crypto" and "Undaunted" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 "Lost", "Nervous Piano", "The War is Not Over" and "The Hosts" used by kind permission of CO.AG