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TUA # 18 - How Media Controls The General Public

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My guest today is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel that spent 15 years in information and cyber warfare. He joins me today to talk about how the 20211115lic is being plugged into lies by the MSM, social media etc on what is going on in the world. We will cover the following: Which media sources to look for real information Which mediums to avoid Dissecting the narratives Discernment Cost per load discussion Join Steves Telegram Channel: 00:00 - Intro 01:56 - Steve Murray's Background 05:10 - How to Find Real Information Today ? 08:05 - What Media Sources to ignore ? 15:59 - How to Dissect Narratives ? 21:00 - The Importance of ROI 22:37 - Q&A - Superchats 29:11 - Live Call-Ins 1:35:45 - Channel Sponsor (We Gotta Pay The Bills !) 1:37:42 - Outro