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Gold News! And Should YOU Worry About Confiscation? (ANSWERED)

George Gammon

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Gold news as shocking as it is terrifying.IF YOU OWN GOLD YOU MUST SEE THIS!! Germany is planning to enact a bill that affects, not only gold, but your privacy. And of course when it's gold news none of the MSM outlets pick it up. This gold news is what you'll want to make sure your friends and family hear about. And I'm afraid this gold news will turn into bigger government and more central bank control. January 10th, 2020 a law in Germany will most likely go into effect that will force anyone buying more than 2000 euros worth of gold to register all the data (including their personal information) with the government. Unfortunately the gold news doesn't stop there. Shop owners will is required, by law, to report any "suspicious" behavior, which is code for gov is requiring business by law to spy on their customers. This is huge gold news but google it and you'll see it's barely talked about? The governments claim, as always, is they're collecting gold buyers data for YOUR SAFETY. We know that's unlikely. As this recent gold news shows, it's more likely the government is collecting the data so they know where the gold is, and who has it, if/when the government wants to confiscate it. In this gold news video I discuss: 1. The recent shocking gold news! 2. Is gold confiscation even possible? 3. Possible solutions for gold confiscation! Mike Maloney video on gold confiscation: For more content that'll help you build wealth and thrive in a world of out of control central banks and big governments check out the videos below!! Subscribe for more free YouTube tips: Do you wanna see another video as incredible as this? Watch "Jim Rickards: His Gold Price Prediction Explained...($50,000+ IS POSSIBLE!!)": Watch "Gold ETF vs. Gold: Which Should YOU Own? (Shocking Info Revealed)": Watch "Paul Volcker: Can The Fed Stop Hyperinflation? (ANSWER REVEALED)": Stay tuned every week for new content! #GoldNews #Confiscation #CanItHappenToYou